Frequently asked questions about the EEP Train Simulator Mission

Can I use the 'EEP Train Simulator Mission' alongside the 'EEP train.exe' without interference or disturbing each other's processes on my computer?

Yes. Both products even compliment each other; using the button 'EEP-facilities import' you can add facilities from the equipment folder in 'EEP train.exe Expert' and import the list.

Steam reports: The game does not launch (Application is running).

Steam did not close the application properly or something else blocks the shut down of the programme. Open the task-manager using ctrl-alt-del and shut down the app 'TrainNow.exe' manually before restarting the programme.

My train just derailed, what can I do?

Derailing is not a bug in the programme but rather a possibility in the physical simulation of a mission. The derailed train can either be deleted and collected in your personal depot or be traded for axes.

The pointer is flickering.

Once the frame rate subsides, the simulator changes the mode to slow motion, which is indicated by a flickering pointer. Raise the frame rate by changing the settings in the graphics board, e.g. by reducing the range of vision.

The control menu bar blocks the scene.

The control menu bar can easily be relocated just like any other window; you can also fold it out and up by double clicking on the top of the caption bar.

Avira AntiVir says 'TR/Crypt.TPM.gen' is a virus and the game cannot be launched.

This is incorrect report. Try to contact the producer of Avira or add 'EEP Train Simulator Mission' to the programme's exceptions:

Cannot find CEGUIBase-0.dll Please re-install this application

Most likely this problem is due to a failed installation of the Visual Studio 2015 C++ redistributables on your computer. Probably because it was interrupted at some point (the installer might need 10 minutes or more to complete on some systems) or other processes are blocking its execution. Please take a look at this Microsoft site, were several methods are described to overcome this problem:

Try method 1 in the following way:

1) Download the files



2) Start your computer as described with a clean boot:

How to perform a clean boot in Windows

3) Install the redist files. If they happen to be already installed, they will offer an uninstall option. If this is present, first uninstall both of them, restart (clean boot) your computer and then install them again.

4) Don't forget to reset your computer to start as normal and restart it. EEP Train Simulator Mission should run now.

Gruss, Marc